How Do You Describe A Picture In French?

How would you describe a city in French?

Common Location DescriptionsMa ville est grande.

Il y a 500,000 d’habitants.

(My town is big.

There are 500,000 inhabitants.)C’est un petit village.

Il y a 2,000 d’habitants.

(It’s a small village.

There are 2,000 inhabitants.).

How would you describe yourself in French?

To describe yourself, there are two important phrases: Je suis, meaning ‘I am,’ and J’ai, meaning ‘I have. ‘ To describe their height, men say ‘Je suis grand’ or ‘Je suis petit. ‘ Women use grande or petite. Both men and women say Je suis de taille moyenne.

What are some adjectives in French?

How to use regular French adjectivesPetit (small) This is an adjective you probably already know. … Jeune (young) “Jeune” follows the regular pattern. … Bon (good) “Bon” is the most common French adjective. … Délicieux (delicious) … Australien (Australian) … Vieux (old) … Beau (beautiful) … Nouveau (new)

How do you describe places in French?

Terms in this set (43)beau* beautiful m.belle* beautiful f.grand* big m.grande* big f.ennuyeux. boring m.calm. tranquille m/f.ennuyeuse. boring f.propre. clean m/f.More items…

How do you describe someone in French?

Elle est amicale. She is friendly.Il est gentil. He is nice.Elle est calme. She is quiet.Elle est timide. She is shy.Il a de l’humour. He is humorous.Elle est intelligente. She is intelligent.Il est patient. He is patient.Elle est paresseuse. She is lazy.More items…

How is the Toeic speaking test scored?

TOEIC ® Speaking and Writing test responses are scored based on specific evaluation criteria….Speaking Test ScoresQuestions 1–9 are rated on a scale of 0–3.Questions 10–11 are rated on a scale of 0–5.The sum of the ratings is converted to a scaled score of 0–200.Eight proficiency levels are provided.

What is Toeic speaking?

The TOEIC ® Speaking and Writing tests assess English-language skills that are used in daily life and the workplace. Test takers have to respond to real-world questions and scenarios in spoken and written language. The tests use common everyday vocabulary, phrases and key expressions used in the workplace environment.

How do you describe an image in French?

Expressions to describe the picture in French Il est debout / assis / de dos / grand / petit / jeune / vieux…. … En regardant l’image, je remarque que… / Je suis touché(e) parce que… / Ce que je trouve beau / bizarre… c’est que… / A mon avis la photo / l’image veut montrer… / exprimer… /se moquer de…

How would you describe a picture in Toeic speaking?

TOEIC Speaking Section: Describe a picture It’s good to start by talking about what you see in general and then providing more specific details. Emphasize key words that represent what is in the picture. Remember to speak clearly and at a steady pace. You will be given 45 seconds to prepare your reply.

How do I write a photo description?

It should be objective so that people using the description can form their own opinions about what the image means. It should be concise so that it doesn’t take too long for people to absorb all the content, especially if there are multiple images.