How Far Hyderabad To Lambasingi?

Which is the coolest place in Andhra Pradesh?

We list some of the hill stations in Andhra Pradesh, which are known for their coffee plantations, the views or lush greenery.Araku Valley.

Araku is the most popular, talked and visited hill station in Andhra Pradesh.

Horsley Hills.



Nallamala Hills.


Nagari Hills..

What is the best time to visit Araku?

The best time to visit Araku Valley is in the winter from December to February. The Valley is doubly enchanting amid the magic of the winter air. With pleasant days and cool nights, all sightseeing activities are best done during this time of the year.

What is the best time to visit Horsley Hills?

The best season to visit Horsley-hills is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are December, January, February and March. Winters in Horsley-hills start in the month of December and last till February.

How do I get to Borra Caves?

Hi, If you want best experience I would recommend you to take Kirandul Train from visakhapatnam railway station which starts at 7am morning(Daily) and travels through hilly areas with beautiful view’s, many tunnels to pass through, nice valley view’s and many more. You will reach borra caves around 10:30-11 AM.

How do I get from Hyderabad to Lambasingi?

There is no direct connection from Hyderabad to Lambasingi. However, you can take the bus to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, take the walk to Hyderabad airport, fly to Visakhapatnam, then take the taxi to Lambasingi.

How far is Lambasingi from Araku?

69 kmThe distance between Araku Valley and Lambasingi is 69 km. The road distance is 93.6 km.

What is special in Araku?

Chaparai / Chaaparai Also known as Dumbriguda Waterfalls, it is a scenic place surrounded by forests and is one of the popular Araku Tourist Places. Chaparai Waterfalls is a popular tourist attraction, with its endless streams that cut across big rock formations of Araku Valley.

Is araku good in summer?

Summer Season in Araku The summer season is usually warm and the temperature generally ranges between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in this season ranges around 24 degree Celsius. Cool breeze from the mountains make the environment very pleasant.

How far is Araku Valley from Vizag?

Distance Between Visakhapatnam to ArakuDistance between Visakhapatnam to Araku by Road is115 KmsDistance between Visakhapatnam to Araku by Flight is80 KmsTravel Time from Visakhapatnam to Araku by Road is3:38 hrsNearest Airport in VisakhapatnamVishakhapatnam Airport (17.69, 83.22)1 more row

What is the best time to visit Lambasingi?

Best time to visit to enjoy Lambasingi snow: November to January is usually considered the best time to visit Lambasingi. Nearly four years ago, on January 15, 2012, Lambasingi experienced snowfall. That’s right. Temperature does not go below 0° C every year, but when it does, Lambasingi gets an all-white snowy cover!

Is Lambasingi worth visiting?

One will have to stay at Visakhapatnam and come for a visit. While a scarcity of guesthouses and hotels is one of the biggest drawbacks of Lambasingi, it is awesome and full of beauty that is worth visiting!

How can I go to Ooty from Hyderabad?

There is no direct transport mode connectivity between Hyderabad and Ooty. The cheapest way to reach from Hyderabad to Ooty is bus to Mysore, then bus to Ooty and takes 18h 0m. The fastest way to reach from Hyderabad to Ooty is flight to Coimbatore International Airport, then cab to Ooty and takes 3h 6m.

What is special in Lambasingi?

Lambasingi is known for its tea and coffee estates. Furthermore, this area is overflowing with a diversity of different wildlife, flora, and fauna. The place has taken up the title as ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. ‘ This is because the place receives a bit of snow each year.

How do I get to Lambasingi?

By Air: The nearest airport from Lambasingi is located in Visakhapatnam and hence, there is no way to reach Lambasingi by air if you are starting your journey at Visakhapatnam. By Rail: The nearest railway station from Lambasingi is located in Chintapalle at a distance of about 20 km.

How can I go to Araku from Hyderabad?

Bus, train • 18h 42mTake the bus from Hyderabad to Rajamundry.Take the train from Rajamundry to Visakhapatnam.Take the train from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley.

How do I get from Vizag to Lambasingi?

There is no direct connection from Visakhapatnam Station to Lambasingi. However, you can take the walk to Visakhapatnam, take the train to Elamanchili, then take the taxi to Lambasingi. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Lambasingi.

How do I get from Araku to Borra Caves?

If It’s a one day trip – go to Araku first and while returning you can Visit Borra cave. It’s around 1-1.5 hour journey between Borra and Araku. You can get the AP tourism bus from Araku or Cab also. If you are traveling with Kid then avoid train and it’s congested and local people travel daily .