Question: What Are The Major Relief Divisions?

What are the major relief features?

Major Ocean Relief Featuresthe continental shelf,the continental slope,the continental rise,the Deep Sea Plain or the abyssal plain..

What is the relief of India?

India’s present-day relief features have been superimposed on three basic structural units: the Himalayas in the north, the Deccan (peninsular plateau region) in the south, and the Indo-Gangetic Plain (lying over the subsidence zone) between the two.

What are the six physical division of India?

India is divided into six physiographic divisions on basis of the varied physiographic features: units as follows: Northern and North-eastern Mountain; Northern Plain; Peninsular Plateau; Indian Desert; Coastal Plains; and Islands.

What are the 6 physical divisions of India?

Name the major physical divisions of India.The Himalayan Mountains.The Northern Plains.The Peninsular Plateau.The Indian Desert.The Coastal Plains.The Islands.

What are the relief features?

Various features like mountains, hills, plateaus and plains are found on the earth’s surface. Elevations and depressions on the earth’s surface are known as the relief features of earth. Maps showing the relief features of earth are known as relief maps.

What are the relief features of ocean?

The Oceanic relief features are in the form of mountains, basins, plateaus, ridges, canyons and trenches beneath the ocean water. These forms are called Submarine Relief.

Which is the most common important relief feature?

Explanation: The “plains or the northern plain” that comprise 43 per cent of the total area of the land is the most “widespread relief feature” of india and has been formed by the inter-play of the 3 major river systems, the Brahmaputra, the Ganga, & the Indus along with their tributaries.

What is the relief of a mountain?

Relief (or local relief) refers specifically to the quantitative measurement of vertical elevation change in a landscape. It is the difference between maximum and minimum elevations within a given area, usually of limited extent.

Which is the oldest part of India?

The peninsular plateau was one of the parts of the gondwana landmass which drifted away.Hence, it is the oldest landmass of the indian subcontinent.More items…

What are the 6 relief features of India?

The physical features of India can be divided into six categories, depending on their geological features:The Himalayan Mountains.The Northern Plains.Indian Desert.Peninsular Plateau.Coastal Plains.Islands.

What does relief mean?

1 : the feeling of happiness that occurs when something unpleasant or distressing stops or does not happen What a relief to be home safe. 2 : removal or lessening of something painful or troubling I need relief from this headache. 3 : something that interrupts in a welcome way The rain was a relief from dry weather.

What are the main relief features of India Class 10?

they are:northern mountains.northern plains.peninsular plateau.great Indian desert.coastal plain.and island groups.

What are the four categories of relief?

The full range includes high relief (alto-rilievo, haut-relief), where more than 50% of the depth is shown and there may be undercut areas, mid-relief (mezzo-rilievo), low relief (basso-rilievo, or French: bas-relief (French pronunciation: ​[baʁlijɛf]), and shallow-relief or rilievo schiacciato, where the plane is only …

What is relief area?

re·lief ar·e·a. in dentistry, the portion of the denture-bearing area over which the denture base is altered to reduce functional pressure.

What is India’s main relief feature?

The relief features of India are- Himalayan Mountains, Northern Plains, Peninsular Plateau, Indian Desert, Coastal Plains, Islands.