Question: What Is The Synonym For Astute?

What is another word for insightful?

enlightening, informative, illuminating, instructive, astute, incisive, clear-sighted, far-sighted, discerning, thoughtful, interesting, penetrating, lucid, shrewd, revealing, useful, clever, thoroughgoing, wise, deep, deepest..

Is astute a positive word?

Astute is positive. It means clever, perceptive, intelligent.

How do I become more astute?

7 Business Insights to Build an Astute Life PlanSet specific, achievable milestones. And remember, your milestones may influence or affect others, so set those goals wisely. … Have a portfolio of your relationships. … Prepare for dissolution/merger. … Save a portion of your profits to service hobbies. … Make people a priority. … Prepare for the unexpected. … Make a difference.

What does psychologically astute mean?

If you describe someone as astute, you think they show an understanding of behaviour and situations, and are skilful at using this knowledge to their own advantage.

Is Smart positive neutral or negative?

To be smart is to be pragmatic, to be clever is to be surprisingly ingenious, and think of something that other people aren’t likely to think of. In the case of losing weight at home, that sounds like an exaggeration. To be “clever” is generally seen as a positive thing. It could be negative in context.

What is another word for astute?

SYNONYMS FOR astute 1 smart, quick, perceptive. 2 artful, crafty, wily, sly.

What is the antonym of astute?

Antonyms of ASTUTE half-witted, inept, thoughtless, stolid, blind, feebleminded, exploitable, gullible, naive, asinine, undiscerning, moronic, shallow, unknowing, ingenuous, brain dead, guileless, idiotic, silly, ignorant, unintelligent, innocent, uninformed, stupid, artless, imbecile, obtuse, thick, foolish.

What is an astute person?

Someone who is astute is clever and has good judgment.

What does proboscis mean?

1a : the trunk of an elephant also : any long flexible snout. b : the human nose especially when prominent. 2 : any of various elongated or extensible tubular processes (such as the sucking organ of a butterfly) of the oral region of an invertebrate.

What is an astute observation?

: having or showing an ability to notice and understand things clearly : mentally sharp or clever. He is an astute observer of the current political scene. Astute readers will notice the error. She made some astute [=insightful] observations about the movie industry.

Are astute and canny synonyms?

astuteadroit.brainy.bright.calculating.canny.clever.crafty.discerning.More items…

Is being called astute a compliment?

Is the word “Astute” usually used as a compliment or an insult? … The word ‘astute’ at the beginning of those gestures means the speaker has relegated you to the status of ‘servant’. Therefore, it is quite important to DENY any such attribute and to claim ‘it was nothing at all.