Quick Answer: Can I Buy A Round Trip Ticket And Only Use The Return Flight?

Is my return flight still valid if I missed my departure?

Passengers who missed their outbound flight could be stranded at the airport on their return home due to a tiny clause buried in many airline terms and conditions.

The little-known ‘no-show’ rule means your return ticket can be void and sold on without warning if you do not board your outbound flight..

What happens if I book a return flight and only use one way?

It’s called throwaway ticketing and is in violation of your contract of carriage. The airline may or may not pursue you for this, but they have the right to. If you’re a member of the airline’s frequent flyer program they may choose to revoke your membership and take back the miles and benefits.

What happens if I don’t use the first leg of my flight?

One of today’s most hardened airline rules says that if you miss or cancel any portion of a plane ticket, the airline can cancel all flights remaining on that ticket’s itinerary. When you miss that first flight, whether or not you cancel or no-show, the entire ticket becomes void.

Is it cheaper to buy one way ticket or round trip?

Conventional travel wisdom suggests that one-way tickets can be a better value domestically, while international flights are a better deal when you purchase a round-trip.

What happens if I miss my return flight on purpose?

If you missed a flight because you were late to the airport, you don’t have any real rights. Most airlines will classify you as a “no-show” and keep your money. Note that your return flight will also be canceled automatically. … If that means staying at the airport overnight, the airline will cover a hotel stay.

Can I cancel a return flight on a round trip ticket?

Policies vary by airline, but most major airlines let you return your ticket in exchange for another ticket. … You will not be refunded if the ticket is less expensive, however. If you don’t have immediate travel plans, most airlines let the fare, minus fees, be applied to travel within a year.

Can I still use my return flight?

If you miss the outward flight on a round trip ticket, your return ticket will be cancelled. Don’t risk it. Contact whoever you booked this with to see if it can be changed.

Can I use only part of my airline ticket?

Just because throwaway ticketing is prohibited doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do it. … Low-fare carriers, including AirTran, ATA, Independence Air, JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit, sell primarily one-way tickets, which means to fly a round-trip, customers must book two one-way flights.

What happens if I don’t use the return flight ticket?

If you don’t use the ticket and don’t notify the airline, the ticket simply has no value. If you call them and tell them before flight time that you won’t make the flight, the remaining value of the ticket can be used on the same leg of the trip in the future, less the $150 change fee, for up to a year.