Quick Answer: Why Is Western Classical Art Important?

What characteristics function of the Western classical art tradition that you enjoyed the most?

Answer: The characteristic of Western Classical Art I enjoyed the most is its pleasing characteristics.

I like how the art styles are unique like using mosaics, frescos, etc..

Why is knowing about Western classical art important?

Answer: Explanation: Because it emphasizes the importance of life after death and preservation of the knowledge of the past. To also know more about them.

What is Western classical art tradition?

The Western classical tradition is the reception of classical Greco-Roman antiquity by later cultures, especially the post-classical West, involving texts, imagery, objects, ideas, institutions, monuments, architecture, cultural artifacts, rituals, practices, and sayings.

How can use your knowledge about Western classical art in real life?

when you use your knowledge about western classical art in real life you can create a lot of things you can show others your knowledge or you can share it, so that a lot of people would know how important arts are and how beautiful artwork are you can inspire a lot of kids to create an extra ordinary art.