What Is Side Thrust In Cam And Follower?

What is a snail drop cam?


A Snail Cam (aka Drop Cam), so-called because of the snail-like appearance, has a slow rise and then a sudden drop.

This is a one-event-per-turn cam with a slow build-up to the peak and a rapidly decreasing edge..

What is side thrust?

i. The lateral force against the borehole walls resulting from the buckling or sag in the drill rods at one or more points above the bit. Ref: Long.

What is a knife edge follower used for?

A cam follower having a sharp narrow edge or point like that of a knife; useful in developing cam profile relationships.

Which side is the thrust side of a piston?

leftWhen the crankshaft rotation is clockwise, the left side of the cylinder liner is called the thrust side (TS) and the opposite side is known as the anti-thrust side (ATS). Piston impacts can occur on either side of the liner.

What is the major thrust face of a piston?

The major thrust face is the side of the piston that recieves the thrust on the power stroke. Looking at an engine from the front, if the crankshaft is turning clockwise, the major thrust face is on the left side of the cylinder(s).

What part of the block is the deck?

Deck. The top surface of the block, where the cylinder head sits, is called the deck . It is machined perfectly flat and mated to the bottom face of the cylinder head .

What is piston thrust surface?

As a piston is pushed down the cylinder on its power stroke, the piston will meet resistance as it tries to turn the crankshaft. The greater the load on an engine, the greater this resistance will be. … The side of the engine where this thrust acts is known as the thrust side of the engine.

What do cam followers do?

Crowned cam followers are used to keep the load evenly distributed if it deflects or if there is any misalignment between the follower and the followed surface. They are also used in turntable type applications to reduce skidding.

Which motion of follower is best for high speed?

Best motion of follower for high speed cams – Theory of Machines…a. SHM follower motion.b. Uniform acceleration and retardation of follower motion.c. Cycloidal motion follower.d. All of the above.

How does a knife edge follower work?

According to the Surface Contact: Knife edged followers: These are simple in construction. The contacting end of the follower with the cam has a sharp knife edged hence it is called so. The motion between the cam and follower is sliding.

What is CAM and its application?

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is an automation process that directly converts the product drawing or the object into the code design enabling the machine to manufacture the product. … The CAM system is used in various applications like lathes, welding machines and many milling machines.

What is the use of offset follower in cam?

Offset follower: The center line of the follower does not pass through the center line of the cam shaft. The amount of offset is the distance between these two center lines. The offset causes a reduction of the side thrust present in the roller follower.

What is the major thrust face?

The major thrust face is the side of the piston that receives the thrust on the power stroke.

Where cam and follower is used?

The range of movement of the follower will depend on the distance from the shaft supporting the cam to the upper and lower points of the rotation circle. Cams are commonly used in engines to control valves (in which the valve is the follower), sewing machines, children’s toys and many other mechanical applications.

What is CAM short for?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cam is both a given name and a surname, often a shorthand for Cameron or Camilla (given name).

What are the three types of CAM?

CamsCircular. Circular cams use an off-centre pivot to cause the follower to move up and down. … Pear. Pear cams are called this as they have the shape of a pear. … Snail or drop. Snail or drop cams have the appearance of a snail shell. … Heart-shaped or constant velocity.

What is cam angle?

A. During which the follower returns to its initial position. Of rotation of the cam for a definite displacement of the follower. Through which, the cam rotates during the period in which the follower remains in the highest position.

What is an example of a cam follower?

A cam follower is a component that is intrinsically tied to a cam. Cams exist in many applications–dishwashers, sprinklers, etc. –but the most well-known example is that of a camshaft in a car. The goal of a cam is to convert rotary motion to linear motion.