What Is The Opposite Of Petulant?

What’s the meaning of accidentally?

If something happens accidentally, it didn’t happen on purpose — blame it on a mistake, chance, or outside forces.

There are things you mean to do, like brushing your hair or buttoning your shirt.

Then there are things you do accidentally: you didn’t mean for them to happen, but they happened anyway..

What does deliberately mean?

Deliberately means on purpose. For example, you may have noticed how the schoolyard bully deliberately chose to pick on the smallest kids at recess.

What is an antonym for petulant?

adjective. ( Synonyms. fractious peevish scratchy ill-natured pettish techy testy peckish tetchy irritable nettlesome cranky. Antonyms. good-natured obedient easy euphonious smooth.

What is the opposite of purposely?

Opposite of intentionally, with full intent. accidentally. fortuitously. inadvertently. unintentionally.

What is the opposite of highly?

What is the opposite of highly?barelyhardlysomewhatmarginallyinsignificantlyinconsiderablymildlyminimallyimperceptiblyjust29 more rows

Is Petty short for petulant?

is that petulant is childishly irritable while petty is little, small, secondary in rank or importance.

What’s another word for petulant?

SYNONYMS FOR petulant irritable, peevish, fretful, pettish, touchy.

Is sober the opposite of high?

The obvious answer is “not high”. … If you used sober that would be fine, because if someone is sober, then they are not high.

What is the opposite word for hidden?

Antonyms for hidden clear, known, uncovered, visible, unconcealed, out, exposed, public, bright, sociable, manifest, revealed, unmasked, open, seen, disclosed, apparent, showing, aboveboard, bare, Exhibited, plain, obvious.

What is the meaning of highly?

1 : in or to a high place, level, or rank. 2 : in or to a high degree or amount. 3 : with approval : favorably.

What is the opposite word of height?

Antonym of HeightWordAntonymHeightDepthGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is another word for purposely?

What is another word for purposely?deliberatelyintentionallywittinglyknowinglywilfullywillfullydesignedlypremeditatedlypurposivelyprepensely56 more rows