Why Is A Map Key Called A Legend?

What are the symbols on a map?

Symbols are small pictures that stand for different features on a map.

A symbol is often drawn to look like what it represents.

For example, a triangular shape is often used to denote a mountain.

A desert is often shown by a group of dots that might look a little bit like sand..

What is the difference between a legend and a key on a map?

A legend is a caption, a title or brief explanation appended to an article, illustration, cartoon, or poster. A key is an explanatory list of symbols used in a map, table, etc. Legend is more generic, while key is more specific. Neither word implicates anything about the location of the text/list.

What are the key features of a map?

These essential features of a map are found on almost every map around us. They are- title, direction, legend(symbols), north areas, distance(scale), labels, grids and index, citation – which make it easier for people like us to understand the basic components of maps.

Why should all maps have a legend?

LEGEND: a legend defines the symbols or colors (including shades of gray and patterns) used on the map. Maps do not need legends if the symbology is so common or simple as to be easily understood by the reader.

What is higher than a legendary?

So what words could match that word in question here? His exploits were the stuff of legend. That means they were distinctive, unmatched, superlative, epic, grand, magnificent, praiseworthy, notable, amazing, fantastic, outstanding, overpowering, breathtaking.

What is another word for legendary?

Some common synonyms of legendary are apocryphal, fabulous, fictitious, and mythical.

What is a map key or legend?

Definition: A key or legend is a list of symbols that appear on the map. For example, a church on the map may appear as a cross, a cross attached to a circle, a cross attached to a square. … The symbol Sch means School. Symbols and colours can also represent different things like roads, rivers and land height.

What is a legend in a map?

A legend displays the meaning of the symbols used to represent features on the map. Legends consist of examples of the symbols on the map with labels containing explanatory text. … Often, legend patches are points, straight lines, or rectangles that match the map symbols.

What is another name for a legend on a map?

We use a map key and map legend interchangeably. Another name for a legend on a map is a map key, although you can get very picky and say that the legend holds the map key and other information. A legend is necessary for most maps because cartographers cannot write everything into the map, so they need symbols.

What is wrong with Mercator projection?

Mercator maps distort the shape and relative size of continents, particularly near the poles. This is why Greenland appears to be similar in size to all of South America on Mercator maps, when in fact South America is more than eight times larger than Greenland.

Where is the legend of a map found?

The ”legend” of a map is often located in a box set off to one of the corners of the map. Most are labeled as the ”map key” or ”map legend. ” They often look like small charts with both symbols and words.