For the first 24 – 36 hours after a circumcision your baby will be wrapped in a bandage. This will help maintain homeostasis and protect from infection. You can remove the bandage gently with your fingers or with a pair flat-bladed, flat-bladed tweezers. Petroleum jelly can be applied liberally to the incision.

Several days after the Melbourne Circumcision, your Melbourne Circumcision may have spotting of blood. Within 24 hours, any bloody spots should disappear. Your baby’s wound will have a yellow film called a scab. This is a normal, harmless film. The incision should be completely healed within seven to ten business days. The penis should then look like a brand new one. Although it may take up to one year for the incision site to heal completely, you should be able to drive again.

You should also give your child a painkiller to help them deal with the swelling and pain after the circumcision. To help your child sleep, you can give them Tylenol (acetaminophen). Some pain medicines contain acetaminophen, and too much can be harmful. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the affected area. The plastic ring will fall off. Use warm water to gently wipe the area. Avoid alcohol and hydrogen peroxide as they can slow down healing.

You should give your child a bath a few hours after the circumcision. You should avoid washing the area with soap for the first 24 hours, as it will irritate it more. Warm water and a towel are sufficient to clean a diaper that is still wet. You should not bathe your baby for the first 24 hours. However, you should give him two separate baths per day. If your baby does cry, this is usually due to hunger or stool in the diaper or milk related problems.

The doctor will check for numbness in the area and mark the skin on the foreskin to determine how much skin needs to be removed. To determine how much skin he needs to remove, he will clean and stretch the affected area. You should not use baby shampoo or wipes on this area. Local anesthesia will be used by your doctor to perform the circumcision. If your baby doesn’t feel pain after the procedure, you should stop swaddling him for the first few days.

You should keep the circumcision area clean and lubricated afterward. To protect the area, the doctor will apply an orange film to the area after the circumcision. The next seven to ten days should be spent without food or drinks. A scab will form on the area, which is not indicative of infection. It will look like a small white band. The area should heal in seven to ten working days after the circumcision.

You should contact the Centre for Female Circumcision immediately after birth. Your doctor will conduct a preliminary consultation and gather information about you. Inform your doctor about any allergies or medications. You should ask as many questions as possible. You will also be given specific instructions by your child’s pediatrician regarding post-circumcision care. Your baby will need your attention for 7-10 days after the circumcision.

Wait at least 24 hours after your child’s circumcision before letting them take a bath. The drainage will disappear by itself. After the first week, your baby can begin to take a bath. You should avoid any rubbing or soaking of the incision area. Your child should be able and able to urinate after the surgery. If your child urinates a lot, it is best to keep it covered with a bandage.

After the circumcision you should continue to bathe baby as often as possible. To help your baby heal from the procedure, the doctor may recommend a special diet. You should also ensure that your baby’s penis is clean. Your child will not be able to enjoy sexual intercourse afterward. However, you can discuss your decision with your baby’s healthcare provider. It is important to not pull on the plastic rings.