Fall is a crucial period for lawn care. While grass continues to grow, it will continue to grow at a slower rate. To prevent fungal diseases, you should cut the grass to a minimum of two to three inches. Cutting the grass too short will cause root growth to stop, making it less likely to survive the cold winter. You can reduce the risk for some common lawn diseases by keeping your lawn well-manicured in the fall.

Checking for pests is the first step in lawn maintenance. If they are not controlled, pests like grubs, turf caterpillars, and other insects can cause serious damage. If you suspect that you have an infestation, check for signs like wilting and unusual feeding behavior. If the problem has become severe, hiring a lawn-care service might be a good option. Next, evaluate your lawn. These steps will help ensure that you get the best results possible from your lawn-care service.

Checking for pests should be your first step in lawn care. While a lawn usually isn’t infested with insects, you can take steps to reduce the risk. Using pesticides will help control a variety of diseases and insects that can damage the turf. To keep pests away, you can also use preventative treatments with fungicides. If the problem is very severe, you may need to hire a professional lawn care company to come to your home and treat it.

If you aren’t comfortable hiring a professional to maintain your lawn, consider a lawn aeration. Aeration loosens soil to allow fertilizer and water to penetrate deeper into the ground. Dethatching is the process of removing dead branches. Other methods of lawn maintenance include trimming and aerating. Aeration is one of the most important methods for maintaining grass roots. The University of Wisconsin has created a list of common diseases that can affect lawns. Red Thread to Snow Mold are the most common symptoms of winter or spring infection.

If you aren’t confident in your ability maintain your lawn, it is worth hiring a professional to help. While you can do it yourself, it is always better to hire professionals. If you don’t want to, you can call a lawn care service. The cost to hire a lawn-care service will depend on the extent of the infestation. But, it will be well worth it in long term. Hire a lawn-mowing service if the problem becomes severe.

Keeping the lawn free from pests is essential. A lawn care service should be able to spot and eradicate these pests before they cause noticeable damage. Most pests appear in the summer so a lawn service should have the ability to identify the symptoms and get rid of them quickly. If the pests are too numerous for you to control, you might consider hiring a professional. If you don’t have the time, you can hire a lawn-care professional.

A lawn service can provide a variety of services. They can also trim large shrubs and hedges. A healthy lawn will increase the property’s value, whether you’re looking for a rental home or a property to sell. You don’t have to know what to do if you’re not sure what to do. A professional lawn-care provider can help you maintain your yard. The best lawn care service will offer a comprehensive plan, which includes routine and regular maintenance for your entire lawn.

In addition to mowing the lawn, there are other activities you can hire to maintain your lawn. Aeration removes soil cores and allows water to penetrate deeper. Aeration can also prevent pests and fungus from ruining your lawn. A lawn service can also perform other services. You can even hire someone to do the work, depending on what you need.

Aeration refers to the process of removing excess thatch from the lawn. Thatch is the buildup on the lawn that suffocates it and prevents it to grow properly. It is important to remove as much excess thatch as possible. This is especially important in autumn as it can be a problem during spring and summer. And remember that the more weeds you get, the worse your lawn will be